Rotary District 2484 Regional Seminar for Public Image

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About This Project

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Rotary District 2484 established on July 1, 2011 and consists of the Rotary Clubs of Northern Greece. In 2014, the District awarded the organization of the Regional Seminar for Public Image of Rotary, which was held in Thessaloniki on 29 and 30 November 2014. For the realization of the seminar we had to enlist the graphic and web designers for seminar’s support material and for the on-line reservation system. Clubooster’s team dedicated its knowledge of public relations, organize the transportation and the accommodation of Rotarians from several countries of the Eastern Mediterranean and coordinate every detail to present a high standard and compliant the Public Image of Rotary seminar. Rotarians from 5 countries and 11 Rotarian Districts enjoyed the weekend and expressed their pleasure for the level of organization and expertise.


Thanks to the successful organization of the Regional Seminar, Rotary District 2484 was assigned to organize the Governor Elect Training Seminar (G.E.T.S.) of Zone 20B in September 2016, which for the first time will be hosted in Greece.