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About This Project

Rotary Club Kalamaria - Best Case Study Website

In August 2013 Rotary International adopted the Voice and Visual Identity Guidelines for Rotarians and Rotary Club Kalamaria took a strategic decision to invest in the renewal and strengthening its public image, especially on the internet. Developing the website according to the VIG, the aim of the team was not only to provide the best web presence in Greece but the website to be one of the best rotarian websites, in order for Rotary Club Kalamaria to be known throughout the Rotary family. The main objective of strengthening Club’s web presence was make known the contribution and the projects to the society and become a magnet for people who wish to become Rotarians.


The results:

  • The site is included in the updated Voice and Visual Identity Guidelines (January 2014) and is part of training material in several seminars concerning the Rotary’s Public Image.
  • Society of Thessaloniki is well aware of the help and the relief projects of Rotary Club Kalamaria.
  • More than 2.500 entrepreneurs, professionals and organizations receive the weekly newsletter with Club’s news and activities.
  • 8 new members in 2014-2015, which were interested thanks to Club’s website and presence on social networks